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how-to-use-vape-penThese are some kind of e-cigarettes that comes in a variety of sweet, colourfully packed flavours. They are similar to e-cigarettes and the main different being that the hookah pens do not contain nicotine. The hookah pen uses a battery to heat up a coil, which in-turn heat up the liquid, once the liquid is heated, its turned into vapour and this vapour is what the user inhales, making it smoking-like experience. Hookah pen are more preferred to smokers who pursue a healthier choice. They contain a mixture of propylene glycol, vegetable glycerine and flavourings making them non harmful for human consumption.

This product is still a new concept in the market, and never existed until the year 2012, though it has gain popularity and the sales figures increasing each year, this has been associated with their sweet flavoured taste.

This product comes in a variety of shape, size and flavours and is normally build up of three main components. Normally the cartridge: This is used in storage of the flavoured liquid. Battery: the battery gives power to the hookah pen; this battery may be replaceable depending on the make. Atomizer: It’s the heating gadget, used in heating of the liquid, turning it into vapour. The liquid in the hookah pens may be flavoured, it may or may not contain nicotine one can choose from the varieties available.

Benefits of Hookah

  • Unlike the normal cigarettes, this hookah pens has no bad smell neither do they produce the second hand smoke, this smoke in well known to be very harm even to the non smokers.
  • It’s a healthier alternative, as dangerous smoke is avoided and other toxic chemicals associated with tobacco.
  • Most countries has designated smoking areas due to second hand smoke, the hookah pen can be smoked anywhere as the vapour produced has been said to cause no risk to human health.
  • Hookah pen are more far cheaper than the normal cigarettes, as they can be reused.


Is Hookah pen healthy or bad for you?

Hookah pen can be addictive, its common sense that, some of the e-liquid contain nicotine, nicotine is addictive, and therefore it might not help smokers quit smoking. Actually it might introduce young people to smoking due to the sweet taste and colourful look. A research that was done back in the year 2013, study undertaken on e-cigarette vapor with nicotine in it. Showed small traces of formaldehyde, which is harmful as they are associated with cancer.

Why buy hookah pen


This hookah pens can be recommend to already people who smoke normal cigarettes, you can buy the hookah pen as a guide away from normal smoking, due to healthy issues associate with normal tobacco cigarettes, however this hookahs can never be recommended to non smokers or people under 18 years.

They don’t not smell nor stain, as the cartridge produces vapour, not smoke. They are the best compared to the normal tobacco cigarette, that produces a harsh smell.

Users experience and testimonials

Most of the users seem to be comfortable with this kind of smoking, and they further state that, this are basically electronic e-hookahs, that are normally in different sizes and shapes and contains no nicotine and mostly have fruit flavours only.

Ordering of the product

The product is only sold the people of over 18 years in age. An alternative kit for beginners looking for an alternative to cigarettes, the Ego Ce4 starter kit goes for $11.45, a more standard e-cigarette which is still ideal for starters and comes with a manual power button and free 10ml e-liquid, the Duo Ego Ce4 Kit goes for $19.95. Excellent kit that come with every thing you need 1 battery, USB charger, Zipped case, 1 Ce4 clearomiser and free 10ml of e-liquid, the Ego Ce4 Colour kit goes for $22.95 and Kangertech Evod Starter kit which is know for its ease to use, and as well produces great flavor and vapour costing $39.95,


You can make the payment online through paypal, visa card, mastercard. Free shipping for all Uk orders that are over $20, order of over $45 are delivered free for international clients only. Orders received before 3pm are processed and dispatched the same day excluding weekends and holidays. Orders are sent through 1st class royal mail and can be received with 1 to 3 days.

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